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What To Do When Bluetooth Is Not Working On Samsung TV?

Most people would agree that it is incredibly frustrating when your Bluetooth keeps disconnecting or does not work on your Samsung TV. Not only does it waste your time, but it also worries you into thinking that there is something wrong with your TV. Therefore, you must wonder what you should do when your Bluetooth stops working on your TV.

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Bluetooth may not work on your Samsung TV if it’s too old and doesn’t have Bluetooth, is running on outdated firmware, or the Bluetooth is disabled. However, you can easily resolve the issue by placing both the pairing devices closer to each other, cold booting the TV, verifying the device, and resetting the TV.

While you can find countless methods to fix your TV on the internet, determining the best one can be challenging. Hence, we’ve listed everything you need to know about repairing Bluetooth on your TV to save you the hassle and frustration. Nevertheless, you can also contact Samsung’s customer service if you are still having difficulty.

3 Causes Of Non-Functioning Bluetooth On Samsung TV

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Before looking at the solutions, it is better to examine the root cause of why your Bluetooth is malfunctioning so you can determine the most suitable remedy to treat it. Here are three leading causes why Bluetooth might not work on your Samsung TV:

Cause 1: Old TV Model

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Older Samsung TV models lack an integrated Bluetooth module, especially if they are not smart TVs. Another possibility is that your Samsung TV still adheres to Bluetooth 2.0, a rather dated Bluetooth technology. You can look up the Bluetooth edition your TV supports through your TV’s user manual or by entering the TV’s model on Samsung’s official website.

You can add Bluetooth to your TV by using an external transmitter, preferably one which features Bluetooth 5.0 and can handle two headsets simultaneously.

Cause 2: Outdated Firmware

Firmware is the operating software of your TV that is required for the smooth running of your Samsung TV. There is a chance that a bug or glitch in the firmware is interfering with the Bluetooth of the TV, causing it to not work.

Usually, Samsung rolls out regular updates to patch these bugs and glitches. Therefore, if it has been a while since you upgraded your TV, it is generally a good idea to check if you need any updates:

Follow the steps below to update your TV’s firmware:

Step 1: Start your TV and establish a WiFi connection.

Step 2: Press the Menu button on your remote and choose Settings.

Step 3: Go to Support and then select Software Update.

Step 4: Click upon ‘Update Now,’ if there is any latest firmware, your TV will notify you of it.

Cause 3: Disabled Bluetooth

Most people assume that the Bluetooth feature is enabled by default on TVs which is not usually the case. As a result, one of the primary reasons for non-connecting Bluetooth is that the Bluetooth functionality must be manually enabled.

The following process will allow you to determine whether or not your TV’s Bluetooth is enabled:

Gizmo Geek Guide posted this on April 3, 2023 as the original owner of this article.

Step 1: Use the remote to switch off the TV.

Step 2: Press the “Mute,” “1,” “8,” “2,” and “Power” buttons on your remote to access the service menu.

Step 3: Enter the Options menu and choose Engineer Options.

Step 4: Click on BT Audio. If it is disabled, then it is the reason that your Bluetooth is not working.

3 Ways To Fix the Bluetooth Not Working On Your Samsung TV

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Now that you have looked at the causes behind a malfunctioning Bluetooth, here are three ways through which you can easily fix this issue without any professional help:

Solution 1: Place The Devices Closer

If Bluetooth continuously disconnects from your Samsung TV, ensure that the device you’ve linked is within a reasonable distance of the TV. Placing devices far apart, usually more than 30 meters, can lead to a weak connection and cause frequent disconnections between the two devices.

Make sure to adhere to the following protocol if you want to connect your phone or any other device to your TV via Bluetooth.

Step 1: Make sure both gadgets are turned on.

Step 2: Put your Bluetooth equipment 30 feet or less from your TV (10 ft if possible).

Step 3: Set the pairing mode on your wireless device.

Step 3: Try to link the gadget to your TV through Bluetooth.

Even if you try moving the device closer to the screen and the connection keeps disconnecting then there is a chance that another Bluetooth gadget may be obstructing the signals. Therefore, disconnect any additional Bluetooth-enabled devices nearby, then retry to see if you can keep the connection to your Samsung TV.

Solution 2: Cold Boot Your TV

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The easiest remedy to repair your TV is to cold boot it by unplugging it. Not only is this method mistake-free, but it will also save you time. Cold booting removes any bug-causing malfunction by resetting all your TV’s internal components.

If you want to cold boot through your TV remote, you can use the following method:

Step 1: Make sure that the TV is on.

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Step 2: Aim the remote at the TV.

Step 3: Hold the power switch on the controller for five seconds.

Step 4: Wait for the television to switch off and on again.

However, if you do not want to utilize your remote to cold boot your TV, follow the steps stated below:

Step 1: Switch off your TV.

Step 2: Remove the plug from the power socket.

Step 3: Wait 30 seconds before proceeding.

Step 4: Reconnect it to the power supply again.

Step 5: Switch on your TV.

Solution 3: Verify Bluetooth Device

Even though it might seem apparent, we advise you to double-check that the Bluetooth device is turned on. Similarly, you can try switching the Bluetooth off before turning it back on. In rare cases, the device could enter Power Save mode and turn off most of its features, including Bluetooth.

Therefore, in order to reconnect to your TV again, charge the gadget until it has a suitable battery level, as this may resolve the Samsung TV Bluetooth problem.

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