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Roku TV Is Slow or Slowed Down

Are you wondering why your Roku TV has slowed down? There are multiple reasons this is happening. You can likely fix this with some troubleshooting tasks, and then when you sit down to watch a show, the TV will return to proper running speed. 

Roku TV Slowed Down

When your Roku TV slows, it can happen so slowly that you don’t notice immediately. The Roku TV lags when your internet is too slow, the remote control has a stuck button that interferes with the signal, or your TV needs a reset. One or more recommended fixes should speed up the TV. 

Sometimes, a Roku TV slows down and causes the show to buffer repeatedly. While this is frustrating, you can do some easy tasks to fix the problem, so your TV is back to normal speed. Be patient if the first try doesn’t work because it can take a couple of tries to remedy the slow speed issue. 

Possible Reasons a Roku TV Slows Down

Roku TV Reasons Slowed

When you try to open an app on the Roku TV, does it take forever to load? An unresponsive TV is aggravating, and you might be tempted to call for help or repair. Wait to seek help until you have tried to identify all the reasons the TV is slow before paying money to diagnose the problem.

The Roku TV Needs a Reset

As with computers, a Roku TV stores information in the memory. This data can be running in the background to slow the TV performance. Often, the Roku TV needs a simple reset to return the unit to proper working speed. A reset will remove the data to bring the TV back to the status it was when purchased.

The Internet Has Slowed 

Streaming on any smart TV requires fast internet, and the Roku TV connection is no different. When the internet connection is spotty or slows because too many people in the house are on digital devices, this will slow down a Roku smart TV. When you notice the TV loading slowly, this can be a cause.

The Roku TV Needs an Update

Roku TV Needs Update

Most smart TVs update automatically, but there are times when the TV doesn’t initiate an update, and you need to start the update manually. Updating the TV is a reliable way to remove the bugs and the lagging that make watching your favorite shows annoying. When you check to see if updates are pending, all you have to do is start them. 

The Remote Control Unit is Slowing the Roku TV Response 

Another reason your Roku TV is lagging can be related to the remote control. If your Roku TV remote control has a stuck button that can interfere with signals from other remote control buttons. Since the stuck button is making constant contact, the signal can block other remote control signals. 

Fixes for a Lagging Roku TV

Roku TV Fix Lag

While it might seem strange that your Roku TV has slowed down since this seems uncommon, a smart TV depends on several critical factors to work correctly. Don’t call a TV repair service until you have tried some simple fixes to get your TV back to running reliably. Here are some fixes for a slow Roku TV. 

Reset the Roku TV

Often, all your Roku TV needs is a reset to return it to operating speed. If you watch TV all day, the Roku smart TV will slow down due to glitches from digital signals. When you reset the TV, this should eliminate the bugs and restore your TV speed. Here is how to reset the Roku TV.

  1. Locate the Roku Home Screen.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Choose System Restart and Enter. 
  4. Press Enter on Restart again.
  5. Go back to the Home Screen once the Roku TV has rebooted.

You can also try resetting the Roku TV with the remote control as long as no buttons are stuck.

  1. Locate the Home Button and press it five times in a row.
  2. Press the Up Arrow button one time.
  3. Press the Rewind button two times.
  4. Press the Fast Forward button two times. 

The Roku TV Needs a More Direct Connection 

While wireless internet is convenient, there are times when the connection is not strong enough to travel the distance to your Roku TV with a strong signal. This weak connection causes the TV lags and takes too long to buffer. One solution can be to connect the TV to the cable box or the modem. 

An ethernet cable delivers better data transmission at a fast rate, so your TV shows will play at the right speed. They are not costly, and you can purchase the cable from Amazon for improved power efficiency and playing quality. 

Here is how to connect the ethernet cable to reduce the lagging of your Roku TV.

  1. Connect one end of the ethernet cable to an open port on the router. 
  2. Connect the other end to an available port on the Roku TV. 
  3. Turn on the Roku TV.
  4. Use the remote control to press the Home button.
  5. Choose the settings.
  6. Choose network next.
  7. Choose wired. 
  8. Follow the instructions on the TV to complete the setup.

Update the Roku TV Firmware

Error messages and bugs will slow the Roku TV, making the picture and loading lag. Firmware on all smart devices needs periodic updating, which happens automatically. You can follow these steps to execute the update when the Roku TV has not updated the firmware. 

  1. Using the remote, go to settings.
  2. Select System Update.
  3. Select Check Now.
  4. Look for updates and initiate the installation. 

Final Thoughts 

You don’t have to replace your beloved Roku TV when it slows down. First, try some straightforward remedies to return your TV to average speed. While you will probably have to attempt more than one fix, you can resolve the problem quickly most of the time. You will be glad you fixed the problem and can watch your shows at normal speed again.

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Gizmo Geek Guide published this original article on January 28, 2023.

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