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Roku TV Flickering

It’s impossible to watch shows and movies when your Roku TV flickers as it makes your eyes tired and because the content no longer feels immersive. Why is this problem happening on your device? Can you resolve this issue so you can watch something without straining your eyes?

Roku TV Flickering

Roku TVs flicker if the display auto-adjust refresh rate is on, the resolution doesn’t match the TV’s resolution, or there are bugs in the app or operating system (OS). Disabling the auto-adjust refresh rate, using supported resolutions, and power cycling the TV can fix flickering issues. 

This guide explains why your Roku TV flickers when you use your device. It also contains several solutions to resolve this issue. 

Why Is My Roku TV Flickering?

Roku TV Why Flickering

If you’ve never seen your Roku TV flicker before, it can be concerning when it starts happening to your device. Luckily, there are six methods you can try to fix this issue, depending on what’s causing trouble on your TV. Here’s why you’re facing this problem, along with different solutions to resolve them.

Auto-Adjust Display Refresh Rate Is On

Auto-adjust display refresh rate is a feature available on most Roku TVs. Generally, your device will play all content at 60 fps (frames per second). Animation and motion look smooth when you watch movies, shows, or sports at this frame rate.

However, as this isn’t the refresh rate that the content was initially shot at, you may have a different experience than what the director intended. Enter auto-adjust display refresh rate, which changes the refresh rate from 60 fps to the content’s native refresh rate.

For instance, most movies in the U.S are shot at 24 fps. Depending on where the content is created, the native refresh rate can be 25 fps, 30 fps, 50 fps, and 60 fps.

When the auto-adjust display refresh rate is enabled, your Roku TV will change the fps of the content. However, this can introduce flickering.

Wrong Resolution on Your TV

Roku TV Resolution

Sometimes, it can flicker if you run the wrong resolution on your Roku TV. Fortunately, if this is true for you, it is easy to fix.

Broken Apps or Operating System (OS)

If you’re experiencing flickering only in certain apps or while on the home screen, it’s likely that an app or the operating system (OS) is causing this issue. 

Modern smart TVs and accessories come with modern problems, including software bugs. For instance, video streaming apps like Prime Video sometimes stop working on smart TV accessories like the Fire TV Stick, and you can learn more about that in this article

4 Easy Solutions for Roku TV Flickering

Roku TV Flickering Solutions

Here are four easy ways to address the flickering on your Roku TV screen. 

1. Turn Off Auto-Adjust Display Refresh Rate

Although auto-adjust display refresh rate can enhance your viewing experience, it can also cause flickering. Here’s how to turn it off to fix this issue.

Gizmo Geek Guide uploaded this as an original article on January 25, 2023.

  1. Turn on your Roku TV and go to Settings.
  2. Navigate to System>Advanced System Settings>Advanced Display Settings. You need to go right from each menu.
  3. If AutoAdjust Display Refresh Rate is enabled, tap on it to turn it off.
  4. Check if your Roku TV is still flickering.

If you still face this problem, try the following method and see whether you get satisfactory results. 

2. Run the Proper Resolution for Your Roku TV

Follow these 5 steps to ensure you’re running the proper resolution on your Roku TV:

  1. Check the user manual or online regarding the native resolution for your Roku TV.
  2. Now turn on your Roku TV and press the Home button. 
  3. Choose Settings>Display Type.
  4. Change to your Roku TV’s native resolution.

Check if selecting the correct resolution fixed the flickering issue. If you see the same problem again, try different resolutions and see whether it works.

3. Power Cycle Your TV

The easiest way to fix flickering in apps or OS is to power cycle your Roku TV. Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Turn off your Roku TV.
  2. Unplug the device’s power cable from the electrical socket on the wall.
  3. Wait for 1 – 2 minutes, which will remove any remnant electricity in the device.
  4. Plug the power cable into the socket.
  5. Turn on your Roku TV and check for flickering on various apps and throughout the OS.

If you cannot reach the power plug, there’s another way to power cycle your Roku TV. 

  1. Turn on your Roku TV.
  2. Use the provided remote to enter this secret code.
    1. Press the home button five times.
    2. Hit the up button once.
    3. Tap the rewind button twice.
    4. Push the fast-forward button twice.
  3. Wait for your device to restart.
  4. Check if the flickering issue persists.

This will fix the issue if it’s because of a broken app or bugs in the OS. Also, ensure you’re running the latest OS update on your device. Here’s how you can check if your firmware is up-to-date.

  1. Turn on your Roku TV and push the Home button on your remote.
  2. Once it opens up the menu, navigate to the following – Settings>System>System Update.
  3. Choose Check Now, which will look for a software update.

Generally, your Roku TV will check for updates and install them automatically. Only do this manually if your device wasn’t connected to the internet or you didn’t use it for a long time. 

4. Factory Reset Your TV

What should you do if you still face the flickering issue on your device, despite trying the above methods? You can factory reset your Roku TV, which will delete all your data and restore it to its default settings, just like when you first got it. 

Follow these steps to factory reset your Roku TV.

  1. Turn on your TV and press the Home button to open the menu.
  2. Navigate to Settings>System>Advanced System Settings>Factory Reset>Factory Reset Everything.
  3. Go through the instructions to factory reset your Roku TV.
  4. Wait for the entire process to complete.
  5. After your device restarts, check whether the flickering issue exists.

If your Roku TV flickers even after a factory reset, you should service it as soon as possible. Contact your TV manufacturer to learn more about how to send your TV for repair or whether a certified technician can inspect your device.

Final Thoughts

Roku TVs can flicker if you run the device in the wrong resolution, enable auto-adjust display refresh rate, or have bugs in the app or OS. Power cycling your device, changing to the native resolution, and disabling the auto-adjust display refresh rate are some ways to fix this issue. 
If the problem persists after several attempts, it’s better to reach out to your TV manufacturer for support.

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Gizmo Geek Guide published this original article on January 25, 2023.

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