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LG TV Remote Not Working

You’re watching TV, and you want to turn up the volume. Pressing the Volume Up button on your LG TV remote is doing nothing. So, you try changing the channel. Nothing happens again. What does this mean? Well, this might be the result of your LG TV remote malfunctioning.

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Your LG TV remote can stop working if the batteries of your remote are drained, there are disruptions in the IR (Infrared) signals of the remote, or there are pairing issues between the remote and your TV. However, you can fix these issues by replacing the batteries, power cycling your TV and your remote, or updating your LG TV’s firmware.

Having your TV remote stop working can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you have no other alternative way to operate the TV. Nevertheless, the solutions to the issue are pretty simple and can be taken care of at home. Before that, however, you need to understand why the problem occurs in the first place.

Reasons Why Your LG TV Remote Is Malfunctioning

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The LG TV remote can malfunction for a couple of reasons. Identify the correct reason why the remote isn’t working and then you can directly jump to its respective solution.

Reason 1: Drained Out Batteries


The batteries of your remote may have run their course and are now entirely wiped. With the batteries dead, your TV remote has no power source. As a quick check, you can take out batteries from another remote and try them on with your LG TV’s remote. If the remote works, then it’s probably time to go out and get a pack of fresh batteries.

Reason 2: Interrupted IR Signal

Your LG TV remote is paired to the TV using IR (Infrared) signal and Bluetooth. If there are any obstacles between your LG TV and its remote, then the signal is blocked. With the signal blocked, any button pressed on the remote will not be picked up or read by the receiver.

Reason 3: Unsuccessful Pairing

Another common reason for the LG TV not registering any commands off the TV remote is that the remote is no longer connected to the TV. Your LG TV remote might have unpaired with your TV due to a bug or software glitch. However, you’ll simply have to tinker with the TV’s settings to get the issue resolved.

Reason 4: Outdated System Software

Maybe the issue isn’t with your LG TV remote, but with your LG TV. When the TV’s firmware is outdated, the TV remote has trouble pairing with it. The TV needs to be updated to the latest software version available so any incompatibility issues between the TV and the remote can be avoided.

Simple Fixes To Make Your LG TV Remote Work

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So, now you know what may have caused the LG TV remote to malfunction, it’s time to move on to resolving the issue. Following is a list of effortless things you can do to fix your LG TV remote, none of which require you to take apart your remote or do anything too technical:

Fix 1: Remove Interferences

Sometimes the issue of the remote not working properly is as elementary as an object causing blockage between the remote and your LG TV. If there is an object in front of the remote or the TV, the IR signals exchanged between the two devices are disrupted. Without the IR signal reaching the receiver of the TV, it will not register any of the commands sent by the remote.

You need to ensure that there aren’t any objects between the TV and the TV remote. Also, make sure that you aren’t trying to operate the remote from a considerable distance from your LG TV. If you are using the remote within 10 meters of the TV, then you should be fine.

After you’ve made sure there aren’t any obstacles between the TV and the TV remote, check if the LED placed on the top of the remote is working. If the LED blinks when you press a button on the remote (while it’s aimed at the TV) then the LED is working fine and you can proceed with the next fix.

Fix 2: Power Cycle

There either may be some sort of electrical interference in the remote causing it to malfunction, or there may be a software glitch within your TV that is causing the TV remote to act up. To resolve this issue, you need to power cycle both your TV and your TV remote. Don’t worry, this is just a fancy term for turning your TV on and off. The restart will help clear out any disruption or glitch.

Power cycling your TV remote requires you to take out its batteries and wait at least 2-3 minutes before putting them back in. When it comes to restarting your TV, on the other hand, you’ll need to unplug it from the power outlet for at least a minute. Also, press your TV’s power button for 30 seconds to release any residual power inside the TV. Once done, you can plug it back in.

Fix 3: Repair Your Remote To The TV

If you’ve tried all the above fixes and are still in vain, it’s time to check if the remote is paired with the TV or not. The connectivity between your remote and your LG TV can be affected due to a software bug or glitch but can be repaired at home. All you need to do is:

Step 1: Turn off your TV and remove the batteries from your LG TV remote.

Step 2: Now turn the TV back on and place the batteries back into the remote.

Step 3: Point the remote towards the TV’s receiver and press and hold the OK button on your remote.

A message will appear on your LG TV indicating the pairing has been successful. Try to use the remote to operate the TV. If it still doesn’t work, try the next solution.

Fix 4: Update System Software

An obsolete firmware can not only result in software issues but can also cause problems with the hardware. An unresponsive remote is a common example of this issue and can be fixed by installing the latest available updates for your LG TV’s software.

Usually, updates are installed automatically but this can also be done manually as well if the automatic update option isn’t enabled. Here’s how:

Gizmo Geek Guide posted this on May 11, 2023 as the original owner of this article.

Step 1: Click on the Home button.

Step 2: Select Settings → All Settings → General → About This TV.

Step 3: Click on the Check For Updates option.

Step 4: Check if an update is available and, if it is, install it. After the installation is complete, restart your TV and check to see if the remote works.

Fix 5: Change Your Remote

If you have tried all of the steps listed above and your LG TV remote is still not working, then your remote may be faulty. After continuous use, your remote controller, just like any other electronic device, can wear down and become defective, stopping it from functioning properly.

Gizmo Geek Guide uploaded this as an original article on May 11, 2023.

In such a case, you’ll need to get your hands on a new remote. Make sure that you purchase remotes that are compatible with your TV. If you can’t find the specific remote, you can always get a universal remote to work with your LG TV.

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