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LG TV Horizontal Lines on Screen

LG TVs are some of the most popularly used TV screens across the globe, and even so, they are susceptible to their fair share of problems, the most common being horizontal lines. Given how these lines ruin a lot of the experience for regular TV viewers, it is essential to understand the causes and fixes for this problem.

LG TV Home screen row of apps

Horizontal lines on your LG TV can be caused by faulty software, damaged/dirty hardware, or bad signals from your cable providers. You can fix the issue by power draining, fixing faulty HDMI ports, resetting software, cleaning internal components, and replacing the display panel.

Due to the many causes for horizontal lines, you need to troubleshoot your device and figure out what kind of issue you are facing before you get to fix it. Only after properly identifying the cause can you employ the appropriate fix.

4 Major Causes Of Horizontal Lines On Your LG TV Screen

LG TV Home screen row of apps

There are various reasons why your LG TV may have this issue. These can vary from software and hardware issues to simple problems with your cable provider. Below are some ways to determine what kind of issue your LG TV screen faces:

Cause 1: Lines Appear on all Display Modes

If static lines are present regardless of the display mode or channel you are using, then it is most likely a problem with the TV itself. This problem could be software-related or hardware related. There are different ways to test and confirm which one of them may be.

Cause 2: Lines appear on some TV channels

If you see these horizontal lines appearing only on certain TV channels, then it may not be caused by your TV. This might mean the issue is with the strength of the signal you are receiving from your cable service provider. Either that or some tuning is required for your cable box set or antenna.

Cause 3: Lines Appear Only When Using Cable And Not Other Inputs Options

LG TV’s generally have multiple display ports. If your other display ports do not have the horizontal line issue, then this means your panel is most likely not the cause. This might mean the issue is either with the strength of your cable signal or your cable hardware setup.

Cause 4: Lines appear only on a specific HDMI port

After a lot of wear and tear, HDMI ports often develop faults. This can be due to a build-up of dust or forceful usage. Dust results in the weakening of the connection or pin damage, while forceful usage can bend the port and pins out of shape. In this case, your HDMI port is in need of cleanup or repair.

Summary Of Causes

Here’s a quick summary of all the types of horizontal line issues you can face and their likely causes:

Issue Type

Likely Cause

All Display Modes

Problem with the panel

Some TV Channels

Cable provider signal

All TV Channels Only

Cable provider signal and/or hardware

HDMI Ports Only

Dirty or damaged HDMI port

8 Easy Fixes For Horizontal Lines

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Now I will discuss what steps you can take to find potential fixes for the problems mentioned above.

Fix 1: Power Drain Cycle

The first fix you can try to fix horizontal lines is to try and drain your TV’s power – the power drain cycle is a soft electrical reset. This electrical discharge may remove any unnecessary static causing the horizontal lines. This is the go-to solution whenever this issue first arises.

Step 1: Unplug your LG TV from the power outlet for around 2 minutes.

Step 2: Hold the power button on your TV (not the remote) for around 30 seconds.

Step 3: Plug the power back in and start the TV.

This soft power reset is usually enough to fix any minor glitches that might have been causing the horizontal lines to appear.

Fix 2: Software Reset

Another method often works is resetting the software for the LG TV. Sometimes a software update may not have been correctly installed, or some settings have been accidentally changed to incorrect ones. You can simply reset them to the default state to correct these mistakes.

Step 1: Go to Home on your LG TV

Step 2: Navigate to Settings → General Menu

Step 3: Select the reset option.

Step 4: Wait for the reset to finish.

This should fix most issues caused by incorrect settings or minor software glitches. Note that every TV may not have these exact options in the settings, and you will have to search a little bit for the reset option.

Fix 3: Software Update

Updating your TV’s software to the latest version may fix the horizontal line issues. Oftentimes older software does not keep up with new broadcasting or display standards and can result in many glitches as a consequence. Keeping software up to date allows you to avail all the most recent bug fixes and display improvements.

Step 1: Go to Home on your LG TV

Step 2: Navigate to Settings → General Menu → About this TV

Step 3: Over here, click on Check for Updates

Step 4: If an update is found, let it download and install.

On the About this TV page, you can also enable automatic updates to make sure you don’t have to go through this hassle again.

Fix 4: Check your HDMI ports

Back of TV ports and cables

You can try testing your HDMI ports by using different ones and seeing if that fixes the display. Generally, LG TVs have more than one HDMI port so you can check this quite easily. Make sure that the port is not bent out of shape or appears damaged and that the port is securely gripping the inserted cable.

You can also use cans of compressed air to blow into the ports and clean any dust that may have gathered inside. Furthermore, you should test the HDMI cable itself by using it on other devices or using a different cable to see if it fixes the problem.

Fix 5: Check your Cable Signals

Cable strength is something your cable service provider is primarily responsible for. You should ensure that your cable system is working as intended before you try to tinker around with the TV itself. You can check your cable signal strength quite easily using the tuning settings from the settings menu.

Step 1: Go to Home on your LG TV

Step 2: Open the Settings menu

Step 3: Navigate to Channels and open Manual Tuning mode.

If the strength is weak, you should try contacting your cable service provider and filing a complaint. Alternatively, if you use an antenna system, try to adjust it or place it at a high location where it can receive stronger signals.

Fix 6: Open and Clean your TV

Oftentimes, the issue is simply caused by a build-up of dust on the internal components, especially the T-CON ribbon cables, that causes a weakening of the display connections. You can simply clean your TV’s internal components to deal with this issue. I recommend this method only if the warranty on your TV has already expired because opening the back cover means rendering your existing warranty null.

Step 1: Lay your TV with its screen down on top of a soft and clean surface.

Step 2: Use the appropriate tools to unscrew the back and open up the TV.

Step 3: Use compressed air and a soft piece of cloth to clean up any dust you see delicately.

Gizmo Geek Guide posted this on May 2, 2023 as the original owner of this article.

Step 4: Unplug the ribbons and thoroughly remove the dust using compressed air both from the T-CON ribbon plugs and the T-CON socket.

Step 5: Plug the ribbons back in firmly but gently.

Step 6: Place the cover back and screw it shut properly.

Note: Make sure you wait 15 minutes after unplugging the TV from the electric socket and let the electricity discharge from the TV before you tinker around with any of the sensitive electrical components.

Fix 7: Contact LG TV support

If none of the above methods work and you are sure that the issue is caused by the panel, your best option is to just contact LG’s support team. They will be able to provide you with the best guidance and troubleshooting methods you can employ in order to fix the horizontal lines issue.

Gizmo Geek Guide uploaded this as an original article on May 2, 2023.

Furthermore, if your warranty has not expired, then you can simply claim it from LG and get your problem fixed. However, if it has expired, then your only option will be to have the panel replaced. LCD panels are relatively cheap and can be replaced, but if it’s an OLED panel, it will be a much more costly replacement. So, plan according to your budget.

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