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Hisense TV Volume Stuck, Too Loud or Too Low

Is the volume stuck on your Hisense TV? Don’t worry; I’m here to help!

Hisense TV Volume Stuck, Loud, Low

If the volume is stuck on your Hisense TV, it could be due to several reasons. The most probable reason it’s stuck is that the memory is overloaded. It can also happen because there’s a problem with an outside source, such as an HDMI cable that’s having trouble making the connection.

Today, we’ll look at why the volume is likely stuck and what you can do to fix it. Let’s get started. 

Why the Volume Is Stuck on Your Hisense TV

Hisense TV Why Volume Stuck Loud

The volume becoming stuck is a common problem for all TVs, including Hisense TVs. While there are a few different reasons this can happen, it’s most commonly because the memory has become overloaded

Have you been on your computer with sixteen different tabs open? Did you notice that the computer was running significantly slower? Unless you have a high-powered computer, and it’s unlikely, it probably wouldn’t load much and began to freeze frequently. 

The same thing happens on your TV. When you have too many apps in the background, the TV keeps trying to hold on to it all, quickly becoming overloaded. While you may not think you have that many apps open, you probably do. When using our TVs, we tend to cycle through many apps.

We’ll talk a little more about this in a moment. 

The memory isn’t the only reason the volume may get stuck on your TV. Another reason this may happen is a connection problem with an outside source, such as an HDMI cable. If the cable is sporadically connecting and disconnecting, it can cause certain TV features to freeze up. One of the most common things that freeze during this time is the volume. 

The remote is another common reason why your volume is stuck. The volume probably isn’t stuck in this case, but it appears to be because the remote is messed up. This can happen because the batteries are low or because the volume button on the remote has gotten stuck pressed in. 

The Memory Is Overloaded

When the memory becomes overloaded, you often have too many apps open at once. Hisense TVs are built well, but like anything else, they are susceptible to problems when they have too much running at one time.

As with a computer, when the TV is trying to keep up with too many things at one time, it begins to let other not-so-important features go. Think of the TV like your body. If you are freezing, all the blood begins to surround your organs rather than going to the extremities. The TV essentially does the same thing. It focuses on continuing to run all the apps and forgets about things like volume.

This can cause the TV to temporarily freeze features like the volume. Usually, clearing out the apps will help with this issue, and we’ll talk more about that shortly.

There’s a Problem With an External Source

Occasionally when an HDMI cable is plugged into the TV, it won’t make a good connection. This may not be immediately apparent, but it’s fairly common. 

If the connection goes in and out, it can cause the TV to focus all its attention on the issue at hand – the bad cable. This can cause it to freeze up other features like the volume. Usually, this issue can be resolved by removing any external sources. 

Even if the cable isn’t the problem, having an external device such as a Roku or Fire Stick can cause the same problems simply because the TV puts too much attention on them. 

The Remote Is the Problem

Hisense TV Remote Problem

The remote may or may not be the first thing that pops into your head when the volume is getting stuck. Usually, it’s not the problem, but it’s certainly possible that it could be. 

If you’ve only tried to use the remote to control the volume and it’s not working, it could be due to low batteries in your remote. Remotes typically aren’t something we think to replace the batteries in until they stop working. 

It’s also possible that the volume button has gotten food or something else wedged underneath the button and is causing the button to remain stuck in a certain position. In this case, even if you’re trying to turn the volume down on the TV directly, you may not be able to because it’s receiving two opposing signals

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How You Can Fix Stuck Volume on Your TV

Hisense TV Fix Stuck Volume

Now that we’ve discussed some of the problems, let’s talk about how you can resolve the problem. There are a few different things that you can do.

1. Clear the Memory

This is the first thing I would try if the volume isn’t working. As I mentioned, it’s not working most of the time because the TV memory bank has become overloaded from having too many apps open. 

You’ll want to start by closing out any apps you have open and then going into the settings and clearing the internet memory. Conversely, an easy way to clear the memory is to simply power-cycle the TV

If you prefer the option of power cycling, simply unplug the TV for thirty seconds and then plug it back in and power it back up. This will completely reset the memory, and the TV should start working properly. 

2. Unplug All the External Devices

If you’ve tried clearing the memory and that didn’t help, the next thing that I would suggest is to unplug all of your external devices

This is a pretty easy solution. Once you unplug everything, try turning your TV off and then back on to do a reset on it. Afterward, you can try plugging in the devices again. 

3. Test Your Remote

You’ll want to do a few things concerning the remote. 

The first thing you’ll want to do is take the back of your remote and change out the batteries. However, hold on to the old batteries until you know that they are bad. This may or may not fix the problem.

If it doesn’t fix it, you should look at your remote closely and examine whether or not there’s a button stuck in a position – either the volume up or volume down. This can happen when food becomes lodged under the button. It can also happen if the button has been pushed too hard.

If this is the case, you can use a toothpick to pry the button back into the proper position and remove any debris. 

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Final Thoughts

If the volume is stuck on your Hisense TV, it’s almost always due to a memory issue. This other option is that the TV is trying to run too many things simultaneously. This issue can be fixed by power cycling the TV or going through your settings and doing it that way. 

It may also be a problem with the remote or an external device. In this case, remember to just examine the remote for pressed buttons and change the batteries. Also, unplug any external devices. 

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