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Hisense TV Vertical Lines on Screen

If it wasn’t for all the lines running across the screen, you’re watching your favorite show or attempting to. We’ve all been there. So, why is your TV showing vertical lines? 

Hisense TV Vertical Lines Screen

Usually, Hisense TVs show vertical lines because the LCD panel is going or has gone bad. The vertical lines may also indicate a timing control (T-Con) board failure or that the ribbon cables have come loose. 

Today, we’ll look at what’s happening behind the scenes with a TV showing vertical lines. We’ll also discuss some solutions.

Why Your Hisense TV Is Showing Vertical Lines

Hisense TV Why Vertical Lines Showing

So, why is your TV showing lines? Well, it turns out that there are a few reasons for this. 

More often than not, when a television begins to show lines, it’s a problem with the LCD panel. Over time the panels go bad, and unfortunately, they’re an expensive fix

Another reason you may be seeing vertical lines, which is one of the most common problems, is that the timing control, also known as the T-Con, has gone bad. Usually, the lines you see with a bad T-Con board are a mix of black and white. 

Yet another reason why your TV may be showing lines is that a ribbon cable has come loose. Ribbon cables keep together multiple other cables; if one comes loose, it can make many things go wrong in the television. 

Let’s look at the signs and symptoms of each of these, and then we’ll cover some solutions. 

A Bad LCD Panel

An LCD panel that is beginning to fail will usually display subtle signs before you start seeing the vertical lines appear. 

Normally, it begins with dark specks that spread spontaneously across your screen. These are known as dead pixels. In the beginning, these are so small that you won’t notice unless you’re looking at a screen that is supposed to be all white. 

An important note is that dead pixels usually appear as dark specks on a white background and can appear as white or even colored specks on a dark background. What you’re looking for is any variation in normal coloring

Once the LCD panel is going out, the specks will turn into lines. This is because as more pixels go out, it starts to appear as lines since there are so many. There are some ways that you can test your LCD panel, and we will get into that once we start discussing solutions. 

For now, just know that you should expect to see the LCD panel going bad over time rather than all at once and that you should be looking for any form of discoloration, but especially look for darker specks against a lighter background. 

The Timing Control Board Is Failing

Hisense TV Time Control Board Failing

The timing control board failing is one of the biggest reasons you’ll see vertical lines across your screen. The purpose of the T-Con board is to generate horizontal and vertical timing panel signals and enabling signals. 

What you need to know is that this board is in charge of video signal processing. This means it takes information from the video signal and turns it into something the LCD panel can interpret. 

When the board begins to fail, you may notice a double image, display distortion, a white display, vertical lines, or no display – all dependent upon the failure stage the timing board is in. 

The Cables Are Coming Loose

Over time, the ribbon cables in televisions can come loose. The ribbon cables hold multiple other cables and essentially bind them together. 

If the ribbon cable has come loose, it’s not likely to happen on its own. If this has happened, the TV has probably been dropped at some point. 

Gizmo Geek Guide posted this on February 7, 2023 as the original owner of this article.

Ribbon cables are interesting because the display can do all kinds of things depending on how bad the damage is. You may notice vertical or horizontal lines, a partial or no display. Once the ribbon cable is damaged, you will have to replace it or replace the TV.

What To Do for Hisense TV Showing Vertical Lines

Hisense TV Vertical Lines What To Do

Now let’s talk about some solutions you can try to fix the vertical lines on your TV. Keep in mind that depending on the severity of the problem, you may be able to have a simple solution, or you may need to completely replace the TV. 

1. Testing the LCD Panel

You can do a few things to determine if the LCD panel is going bad or if you’re dealing with another problem. 

You’ll want to ensure that you run some of these tests because, unfortunately, replacing the LCD panel is expensive. Depending on your TV’s features, you can expect it to cost at least $80. On the higher end, it can cost upwards of $400

Alright, so what does testing the LCD panel looks like? There are a few steps to this. I’ll list them below. 

Gizmo Geek Guide uploaded this as an original article on February 7, 2023.

Test 1: Turn Off the LCD Display

The first thing you want to do is turn off the LCD. Shut off the television and wait thirty seconds before turning it back on. 

What you’re looking for with this is how long the screen takes before it reaches full brightness. If you notice that the display is taking more than a few seconds to reach full brightness, the panel likely has a backlight display issue. 

The good news is that fixing the backlight is fairly cheap and will often fix the vertical lines you see on the screen. 

Test 2: Observe Your Screen With an All-White Background

If the brightness is working fine, then the next thing you’ll want to look for are dead pixels. To test this, simply set your screen to any app with a predominately white background

Once you put it on a white background, look for dark areas. If you see vertical lines, you should also see various specks throughout the screen. As I mentioned earlier, you may also notice that some of them have color. 

Test 3: Look for Screen Blotches

If you notice blotches on the screen in addition to or apart from the vertical lines, it’s a sure sign that the LCD panel is failing

In any of these cases, it’s probably time to either replace the LCD panel or purchase a new television

2. Testing the T-Con Board

Usually, if you’re concerned about the T-Con board failing, you’d want to take the television to a professional. However, if you know a little about electronics and want to test the board, here’s a video detailing how to do it yourself:

3. Repairing a Broken Ribbon Wire

If you find that the ribbon wire is damaged, it’s best to have it inspected and repaired by a professional. However, there are ways to do it on your own. 

Usually, if the ribbon cables have become damaged, it can account for a pretty high cost. However, repairing the cables involves quite a few tools, and unless you’re very experienced in electronics, I recommend against trying to repair them on your own. 

Final Thoughts

When a Hisense TV shows vertical lines, it’s usually because the timing control board is failing, the LCD panel is broken, or the TV’s internal cables have been damaged. 

For any of these issues, it’s best to see a professional or replace the TV altogether. However, it can do a great project if you’d like to try your hand at repairing it. 

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