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Hisense TV Not Connecting to WiFi

A Smart TV that has trouble connecting to WiFi may present a highly frustrating issue with no obvious solution. If you experience such a problem with your Hisense, I’m here to provide you with a quick and easy fix.

Hisense TV Not Connecting Wifi

Hisense TV not connecting to WiFi can be fixed by a network reset and restarting the TV. If there’s an issue with the Internet connection, restart the router, move it closer to the TV, or disconnect other devices from your wifi. If nothing helps, contact your service provider or Hisense support.

In this article, I will go over the possible reasons why you may struggle with this issue and give you easy solutions to fix the problem.

Why Hisense TV Is Not Connecting to WiFi

Hisense TV Why Not Connecting

If your Hisense TV is not connecting to your wifi, the explanation could be found in the following. 

There Is an Issue With Your WiFi Connection

It is not uncommon for users to struggle with connecting their Hisense TV to WiFi if the connection isn’t strong enough. Here are some possible reasons for that:

  • Too many devices connected to your WiFi. Sometimes when many devices are simultaneously and actively using your wifi, it can be a problem to successfully connect a Smart TV.
  • You’re trying to connect when WiFi is slow. You will often experience such issues in the evenings when most people come home from work and get on the wifi. Additionally, you will typically notice the speed fall on all devices, too.
  • The Internet is down. This is the simplest explanation and the easiest to spot. If you struggle to connect to the WiFi with other devices too, this may explain why your Hisense TV fails to connect.

There Is an Issue With Your Router

Hisense TV Router Issue

If you’ve checked your connection across all the devices at home and everything looks good, it might be that there’s something wrong with your router. Here are some possible reasons why the signal from your router can’t reach the TV:

  • The router is too far from your Hisense TV. The more distance there is between your device and the wifi router, the weaker its signal gets.
  • There are too many obstacles on the way. Walls and furniture can block the signal or make it significantly weaker.
  • The router is at fault. It may be glitching, which is not a rare case with routers, or it may be in need of repair.

There Is an Issue With Your Hisense TV

Finally, there might be problems with the TV. These may create complications whenever you try to connect your TV to WiFi. The issue often lies in the settings. They need to be adjusted for your Hisense TV to access the Internet. Other times, there may be a more serious problem that a specialist should probably look into.

How To Fix Hisense TV Not Connecting to WiFi

Hisense TV Fix Wifi

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to deal with the problem of your Hisense TV not connecting to the WiFi. 

1. Get a Better Internet Connection

If your connection is at fault, there is more to the problem than the Hisense TV not being able to get the signal. Typically, your other devices will have problems with it, too. So, solving this type of problem calls for urgency.

To determine how bad the problem is and find a working solution, try these steps:

  • Disconnect other devices from WiFi and try again. Reducing the load on your internet connection can significantly improve it.
  • Wait a few hours and try connecting again. It may be that you just chose a bad time and the speed was too slow to support a connection to a Smart TV.
  • Contact the service provider. Describe your issue and get instructions from your provider on what you can do to improve the connection. Alternatively, schedule an appointment with their specialist.

2. Restart Your Router

This simple fix often does it. You will find a button on your router that allows you to power it off. Do this, then wait a few minutes before turning it back on. If you call your service provider beforehand, they may be able to restart it on their end, too, which increases your chances of success.

3. Move the Router Closer to Your Hisense TV

If there’s trouble with the signal, you want to reduce all obstacles on its way to enable you to successfully connect the Hisense TV to your WiFi. The more walls separating you from the router, the harder it will be for the TV to get the signal. Move both the TV and router to the same room and try connecting again.

4. Restart Your Hisense TV

Another possible solution is to restart the TV if the problem is on its end. You can do this using your remote control or a reset button – most newer models have one. Press and hold the button until the TV shuts off, then wait for about a minute and then  turn it on again.

5. Perform a Network Reset

If the previous steps didn’t help, it’s time to dig into the settings. Resetting the network settings can fix the glitch if it’s your Hisense TV at fault. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to the Main Menu and choose Settings.
  2. Go to General.
  3. Click Network Status.
  4. Find the Network Reset option and select it.

Once you reset the settings, restart the TV as well and try connecting again.

6. Reach Out to Specialists

If the fixes offered above didn’t do it for you, the issue might require a more professional take. If you struggle with connection on other devices, too, it likely means that you need to get the service provider to check your router. 

In other cases, you can reach out to Hisense support as the problem might be with your Hisense TV. Their US support number is 1.888.935.8880, and they are available  from 9 AM to 9 PM EST Monday through Friday and 9 AM to 6 PM on weekends.

Gizmo Geek Guide uploaded this as an original article on February 1, 2023.


If your Hisense TV doesn’t connect to WiFi, it may be that there’s a problem with your internet connection, the signal from your router, or the Hisense TV itself. To solve the issue, restart the router and the TV, or reset the network through the settings on your Hisense. If DIY fixes don’t seem to work, you may need help from a specialist.

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