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Hisense TV No Sound

Does your Hisense TV have a picture but no sound? This can be frustrating, especially when you were just watching the TV and everything was fine. Losing the sound on a Hisense TV is not uncommon, and the fixes will usually return the sound with the picture. 

Hisense TV No Sound

The problem is likely simple when your Hisense TV has sound one day and none the next. There could be a loose cable, the mute button is active, or your Hisense TV needs a power cycle reset. Most sound problems are easy fixes and will restore your TV volume quickly. 

There is no doubt that turning on your TV to no sound is frustrating, but most sound problems will not require a technician to solve. Keep reading to learn the possible reasons the Hisense TV sound has gone away and some simple actions you can take to get the sound back again. 

Reasons a Hisense TV Loses the Sound

Hisense TV Reasons No Sound

Whether your Hisense TV lost sound on certain apps or for all the channels, problems sometimes happen with any smart TV. Often, the settings might have accidentally changed, or a cable is loose. Here are some of the most frequent causes for losing the sound on your Hisense TV. 

The Sound Has Been Muted

When you sit down to watch TV, but the sound is gone, a strong possibility is that somehow the mute button has been activated. One of your kids could have pressed the mute button on the remote, or the switch could have been activated when someone dropped the remote in the couch cushions. 

The Audio Output System Needs an Update

Hisense TV Audio Update

Most audio output updates will occur automatically in a Hisense TV since Hisense is a technologically advanced company. There are times when the automatic update doesn’t happen, and you will have to manually update the audio sound system to get the sound back to where it should be.

The Cable Box Sound Is Too Low

If your Hisense TV connects to a cable box, the sound controls in the cable box can become muted. Another reason related to the cable box is the connecting cables to the Hisense TV are loose, breaking the connection necessary to produce sound and pictures for the TV. Even when the cable is loose on one end, this can affect the sound volume and quality. 

The Hisense TV Audio Settings Have a Bug

Any smart TV can have a hiccup in the audio settings due to software that needs an update or a problem that arises from headphones or a cable plugged in the wrong place. While the glitch is annoying, it is common and will go away after a simple fix to the audio settings or by removing the headphones from the jack.

Fixes for a Hisense TV With No Sound

Hisense TV Fixes No Sound

With multiple fixes for a Hisense TV with no sound, your TV should be back in working order in no time. Don’t stress that you need to call a TV technician and pay big bucks. Instead, try these fixes first, and your Hisense TV should be good to go. 

Try one, two, or all these remedies to get the sound back on your TV.

Troubleshoot the Cable Box and Volume on the Hisense TV

The remote for the Hisense TV is straightforward to use. The volume and mute buttons are on the front of the remote and are easy to locate. One of the first problems with sound can be the volume is too low and needs to increase. Try this volume fix. 

  1. Check the mute button to ensure it is not active.
  2. Adjust the Up Volume button on the Hisense remote.
  3. Check the user’s manual to find your Hisense TV model’s volume buttons (usually on the side) and adjust the up volume. 
  4. Increase the volume on the cable box attached to the top of your Hisense TV, if applicable. 
  5. Remove any headphones connected to the TV.

Perform a Power Cycle on the Hisense TV 

Sometimes a bug in the TV software stops the sound from the TV speakers. This can often happen when your TV sound is working perfectly when you power off the unit. When you turn the TV back on, the sound has mysteriously disappeared. A power cycle should resolve the sound issue. 

  1. Turn off the Hisense TV using the remote control.
  2. Unplug the TV from the power outlet. 
  3. Depress the power button on the TV unit for one minute and continue holding.
  4. Have someone reconnect the TV plug to the power outlet.  
  5. Turn on the Hisense TV, and the sound should be audible.

Replace the HDMI Cable

Occasionally, an HDMI cable goes wrong, and the Hisense TV no longer has sound. While the HDMI cable transmits high-quality video to the TV, it also transmits audio signals. Replacing the HDMI cord will fix the sound problem most of the time when the issue is in the cable. 

  1. Remove the HDMI cable from the TV port on the side of the unit. 
  2. Plug the cable back into the same port, ensuring it fits tightly.
  3. Remove the HDMI cable from the port if the sound does not return. 
  4. Plug the HDMI cable into the other port beside the original.
  5. Eliminating the possibility that the cable is not secure means you need to try a new HDMI cable. 
  6. Try a new HDMI cable in the initial port to return the sound to the Hisense TV.

Final Thoughts 

Don’t let the absence of sound on your Hisense TV send you into a tailspin of annoyance. The problem causing the lack of sound is frequently a small problem that you can fix quickly with the proper troubleshooting steps. 

A Hisense TV is no different from other smart devices and develops a glitch now and then. You should start with the simplest solution of checking the volume on the Hisense remote and TV unit and progress to other possible solutions to the missing sound.

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Gizmo Geek Guide published this original article on February 3, 2023.

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