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Hisense TV Light Blinking

Identifying potential issues in your Hisense TV can save you from unexpected headaches. One way you can recognize a problem with your device is to look at the status LED indicator. When it starts to blink or show a solid color such as red or white, here’s what it means. 

Hisense TV Light Blinking

Hisense TV light blinking is because of a software or hardware issue. A red light indicates problems with the main board, power board, and backlight. The light may also blink if the OS is corrupted. Reinstall the OS, check the WiFi, and replace your damaged power supply board to fix this issue.  

This guide will explain what’s going on with your Hisense TV when the status LED light blinks. It will also suggest how you can solve this issue on your device. 

Why Is My Hisense TV Light Blinking?

Hisense TV Why Light Blinking

Your Hisense TV uses the status LED light to tell you when the device has a problem. Follow this guide to understand the issue with your TV and how you can fix it.

Damaged Main or Power Supply Board

The power supply board converts electricity from alternating current (AC) to direct correct (DC). It also regulates input voltage and comes with safety features to protect you from accidental damage. This board is essential to Hisense TV. If there are any issues with it, your device won’t work properly. 

Solid Red Status LED Indicator

The device is stuck in standby mode if the Hisense TV’s status LED indicator is solid red and doesn’t blink. 

There are two ways to narrow down what is causing problems on your TV.

  1. For example, you should press the power button when the status LED indicator turns solid red. If it starts to flash (or blink), the power supply board needs a closer inspection. 
  2. If the status LED indicator doesn’t change color or flash after you press the power button, the main or motherboard on your device is faulty. 

Corrupt OS

Hisense TV Corrupt OS

Your Hisense TV won’t boot up properly when the OS is corrupt. You can think of the OS as the interface that allows you to interact with your TV. Usually, if the OS is corrupt, the status LED light will turn white or red and start blinking. 

Sometimes, critical errors in the OS may appear because of various bugs. As it is a software issue, you can try installing the latest update on your Hisense TV. However, you need to contact customer support to access this file. 

Unable To Connect to the Internet

It’s not necessary that every time the status LED light blinks, there is a hardware or software issue with your Hisense TV. If your device cannot connect to the internet, this LED will start to flash. This is also why sometimes you find light blinking in your Fire TV Sticks

3 Easy Solutions for Hisense TV Light Blinking

Hisense TV Easy Solutions

Here are a few simple ways to fix issues with your Hisense TV and stop the Hisense TV light blinking. 

1. Reinstall Your Hisense TV OS

Installing the OS again on your Hisense TV will solve the problem of the Hisense TV light blinking because of a corrupted OS. 

You have to share your device’s model and serial number with customer support. The box your TV came in has these details. Also, they require proof of purchase before sending a link to your email. 

Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Contact Hisense TV customer support. Provide the device model number, serial number, and proof of purchase. 
  2. Wait for Hisense customer support to send the firmware via email.
  3. In the meantime, get a USB flash drive with at least 8 GB (gigabytes) of storage. If you already have one, you need to format it (do this even if you get a new flash drive). Make sure you choose the file system as FAT32. Otherwise, the TV won’t recognize the USB flash drive. 
  4. Download the file sent by Hisense customer support. It is a compressed file and usually comes in the .zip format. 
  5. Extract all the contents in the file by using WinRAR, WinZip, or 7-Zip. They are popular software and easy to use. 
  6. After the extraction process is complete, look for a file with .pkg. 
  7. Copy the .pkg file to the USB flash drive directly. You don’t have to create a separate folder.
  8. Plug the drive into the USB port on the TV and turn on the device. 
  9. Hold the remote’s power button till you see your TV starting the software update process.
  10. Release the power button. Wait for the software update process to complete before removing the USB flash drive.

After the entire process is complete, check whether the TV turns on and functions as intended. If the white or red light continues to blink, then it is a hardware issue. 

2. Replace the Damaged Power Supply Board or Power Cord

When it comes to hardware issues, there are two ways to solve the problem. If you’re okay with the DIY approach, you need to open your TV and inspect the main or power supply board. Depending on what’s damaged, you need to replace the board.

However, this will void your warranty, and there’s the risk of further damaging your device. The other option is to contact Hisense TV’s customer support. They may repair your device if it is under warranty. Otherwise, you’ll need the help of a certified technician. 

It can also be a problem with the power cord. Replace the current power cord with a new one and check whether that fixes the problem. 

3. Restart the WiFi or Use an Ethernet Cable

If the status LED light blinks red twice rapidly and constantly, your TV cannot connect to the internet. Here’s how you can fix this issue. 

  1. Turn off your Hisense TV.
  2. Locate your router and modem (if you use both) and remove the power cord from each device.
  3. Wait a minute or two before plugging the power cord back into them.
  4. Turn on your Hisense TV and check whether the internet issue is fixed.

If this doesn’t fix the issue, you should check whether you can connect to the wifi from where your TV is located. If you can’t connect to the wifi or the signal is weak, you need to change the router’s and modem’s locations.

You can also get an ethernet cable and connect it directly to your Hisense TV. If you can’t move the router and modem, a wifi repeater or extender should solve this issue. 

Final Thoughts

The Hisense TV light will start blinking when there is a hardware or software issue. Identify the error code to understand what is causing problems with your device. It can be due to a corrupted OS or a damaged power cord for white and red blinking lights. When the status LED light is red and blinks twice rapidly, it is because the device can’t connect to the internet.

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Gizmo Geek Guide published this original article on February 5, 2023.

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